Interview with Cumhuriyet newspaper, Istanbul, Turkey, 25 Dec 2022

Message to the world from Iranian artist Yasmin Golshani: ‘Political Islam is ending’.


The voice for „freedom and democracy“, which started with the murder of a 22-year-old young woman in Iran, spread to the world. Yasmin Golshani, who supported the protests with the works she produced, said: „Political Islam started in Iran and spread to the Middle East, but it will end soon.“

In her work series “Women, Life, Freedom”, which will be completed in time, Golshani wants to revive the names and memories of nearly one hundred legendary women from all over the world without specifying their nationalities. Golshani, who started her work under the name of „Global empathy and solidarity“, stated that she chose names that became role models for many women with their lives and working styles and said, „If they were among us now, they would undoubtedly support this revolution.“  The haircut of women, which is an ancient Iranian tradition and mentioned in Shahnameh, the epic book of the Persian kings over a thousand years ago, has become a symbol of solidarity with Iranian women today. Golshani combines her works with portraits printed with a home printer, with hands cutting their hair in a handmade collage style.