“Eyes” series

About this series

"Eyes" series was made in 1997 in Paris, due to my constant conflict with self-censorship. 1997 - 2000. (300 x 100 cm);

1600 ( papier mâché) “eyes” made of Iranian newspapers.

“The Eyes” represents the social pressures that results in self-censorship. These social pressures includes the traditional values and moralities that control every person in the society through the eyes of the family, neighbors, and public in general.

They watch. They are always present... here... there... everywhere. They look from outside and even inside. The eyes watch. They are numerous, innumerable, they are everywhere. So I wanted to create them myself, to give them form and soul with my own hands, to give body and shape to the pulp of paper made from crumpled newspapers. There is the pleasure of touching them one by one. From newspaper clippings chosen at random, covered with printed Persian letters, you have to make more and more eyes... hundreds... thousands... eyes that are all different but look alike. I lock them up, wrap them up, put them in pouches, I limit them. From bitterness, I thus pass to sweetness.I arrive at the pleasure of being able to change them, tame them… an endless work. To understand them is to understand my roots. We could perhaps see them differently by composing them,  by playing with the beauty of the paints, shapes, colors and textures, giving them another meaning, but the eyes would still be present and would still be everywhere.


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